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External Building Supplies

Everything you need including a wide range of roofing tiles and slates, flooring stones and bricks for all external building supplies can be found at Busbys Reclamation yard.

Moolham stone, Bricks, Double roman Clay tiles, Plain tiles, Slates, Flagstones

Competitive prices on all the above.


Double romans £1.40 each, Bricks £1 each, Welsh roof slates (20"x10") £1.50 each, Moolham stone £120 per dumpy bag, flagstone £100 per square meter


We always keep a large stock of reclaimed bricks as there is nothing like the tones of old bricks to instantly age a new build or to blend in an extension. I try to keep some red perforated , solid handmade and wirecuts in stock. I can also normally source a good match for you in large or small quantitys, please call.


At Busby Reclamation we stock a range of natural building stone. We are able to supply local "moolham" stone split and ready to use. Other natural stone we keep in stock are reclaimed dressed Hamstone, Flint, Bath stone and Blue Lias.

When ordering please note that one dumpy bag or pallet will do approximately 3 to 4 square meters.

Clay Roof Tiles

We always keep a large stock of reclaimed roof tiles including our most popular product 'Double Roman' tiles@ £1.40, Pan tiles@£1, handmade plain tiles@85p, Somerset 13s@£1, Angled 18" Ridge tiles@ £6.50. Our stock is always changing so please call for availability.

Roofing Slates

Welsh roofing Slates are normally available in the 3 common sizes 20"x10", 22"x11" and 24"x12", other sizes can be sourced. French and delabole also available, please call.

Ridge Tiles

Ridge tiles come in many different colours styles and sizes.

We have many in stock so call us today with your requirements.

Blue Lias Flagstones, Floor Tiles, Cobbles etc

Stock for this is always changing, please call with your requirements

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